National Weather Service secret message: 'please pay us'

The government shutdown has entered its fifth day, and someone at the National Weather Service has a message for our lawmakers.

"Government meteorologists working with pay sending a clever SOS. Their message, hidden in a seemingly normal forecast: PLEASE PAY US." (Via ABC)

Yes, as you can see, subtly hidden in the early morning forecast for the Anchorage area is "PLEASE PAY US" spelled out using the first line of each paragraph — a type of simple code known as an acrostic. (Via NBC / National Weather Service)

Many federal services are on hold because of the government shutdown, but as you probably saw with Capitol police earlier this week, some services deemed "necessary to protect life and property" are continuing to operate even though its employees are not being compensated. (Via NBC)

Many of the employees working across the U.S. for the National Weather Service fall into this category, and thus are technically working without pay right now. (Via National Weather Service)

However, CNN explains when the shutdown ends, assuming it does in fact end, these workers should get back pay for the hours they're clocking during the shutdown.

“But there’s no telling when that will happen, meaning they could work for days, weeks or months before they take home a paycheck.”

Meteorologists at the Alaska bureau say they’re not exactly sure who wrote the secret message. If you want to see it for yourself, it still hasn’t been removed from the Weather Service’s website.

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