Fury 325, a roller coaster at Carowinds on the North Carolina/South Carolina border, at times hugs the ground, other times soars. The ride is 325 feet tall, making it the fifth tallest on Earth, and reaches speeds of 95 mph. TOM KELLEY/TKELLEY@AJC.COM

5th grader left behind at amusement park after field trip

Sumter School District told WIS that students went to Carowinds Amusement Park last week and that one fifth grader was accidentally left behind.

The park is about two hours away from the school.

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One parent of a first grader told WIS that she didn't fault the staff, but the process.

The district released a statement saying, "The safety of our students is our top priority, and unfortunately district procedures were not followed."

A spokesperson for the child's family told WIS that the teacher did a head-count before students got on the bus, but not after.  They also said the student in question was separated when he was permitted to get a drink.  WIS reported the child was alone for more than an hour and left the park for a time.  He reentered to find a security guard.  The family spokesperson said he was picked up by his father that evening.