Apple investigating iPhone7 that caught fire

Credit: Spencer Platt

This is not the kind of hot smartphone Apple wants to publicize.

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The company said it is looking into an incident involving an iPhone 7 Plus that caught fire, Hollywood Life reported. Brianna Olivas, 18, from Arizona, posted video on Twitter of the device unleashing a steam of smoke.

The incident was reminiscent of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 issues, in which defective batteries caused some of those phones to catch fire.

It's not clear what might have caused the fault. Olivas told Gizmodo that she'd only been using the official Apple charger with the phone and that she hadn't had any trouble with the device until this week. After the device failed to switch on, she said she took it to an Apple store where employees ran diagnostic tests but found no faults.

"The next morning I was asleep with my phone charging next to my head, my boyfriend grabbed the phone and put it on the dresser," Olivas told Mashable. "He went to the restroom ... and from the corner of his eye he saw my phone steaming and [heard] a squealing noise. By the time he got over to the phone it had already caught fire, he quickly grabbed the phone and threw it in the restroom ... as soon as he threw it in the restroom it blew up and more smoke started coming out of the phone."

Olivas says she gave the phone to Apple and the company issued her a replacement device. She said that Apple representatives told her they are conducting tests and expect to know more information in a week.

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