Arkansas mom says she awoke in hospital to find her baby in another patient's arms

An Arkansas mother is outraged after she says her baby was removed from her hospital room while she slept and taken to the room of another patient.

According to KAIT, Lory Beth Snyder was at NEA Baptist Hospital in Jonesboro earlier this month with her 4-month-old daughter, Lorelai, who was undergoing blood work and other tests. During their stay, Snyder said she took a nap in the hospital room and awoke to a frightening discovery: Her baby was missing.

"When I found her, she was in another woman's hospital room, in that woman's arms, with a room full of six or seven nurses just laughing and playing with her and Lorelai," Snyder wrote in a now-viral Facebook post. "I didn't know this lady. She was not a nurse or a doctor. Just another hospital patient."

Snyder said she took her baby from the woman, who told Snyder she should go back to her room and rest.

"I told her no, that I was fine and I would be taking my daughter back now," Snyder wrote.

Snyder said her diaper bag, as well as Lorelai's IV pole and crib, were also in the woman's room.

According to Snyder, three nurses followed her to her room, telling her that Lorelai "was in no danger." But they weren't the only ones in tow: The patient followed, as well, and asked Snyder again to return the baby to her, Snyder said.

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"It was then that the nurses had to remove her from our room," Snyder wrote, adding that the hospital staff transferred her and her daughter to ICU so they would have more security.

Snyder said she contacted police, who said "no crime was committed." The patient told officers that she was "just taking care of (the baby) while the mother of the child slept," the police report said.

Hospital CEO Brad Parsons said the incident is under investigation.

"We are working with our risk-management department as well as the Jonesboro police on that investigation," Parsons told KAIT.

The hospital also issued the following statement to KAIT:

"An incident occurred in one of our patient care units (not labor and delivery) on Friday involving two patients, one of them a pediatric patient," the statement said. "While we cannot go into details because of patient privacy laws, two of our nurses acted immediately, followed all protocols, and rapidly brought the situation under control. Because of their quick work, all patients remained safe. Our nurses quickly secured the pediatric patient and mother and fully cooperated with police, who declined to take action against anyone. We are grateful that everyone is safe, and we wish everyone the best and continued good health."

But Snyder isn't satisfied with the explanation.

"I want some answers, and I don't feel like I'm getting them from that hospital," Snyder told KAIT.

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