Baby gorilla, Yola, to make debut at Seattle area zoo

The Woodland Park Zoo’s baby gorilla, Yola, will make her public debut June 1.

Photo from the Woodland Park Zoo.
Photo from the Woodland Park Zoo.

Photo from the Woodland Park Zoo.

Yola’s name was selected in a public naming contest. Yola means “firefly” in the African language Hausa.

Zoo officials say Yola has been “a spark that has catalyzed and solidified the bonds within her mom Nadiri’s group.”

From the Woodland Park Zoo blog: "As Yola's independence and confidence flourish, the visits between Yola and her mother Nadiri have become increasingly interactive. In the early months of the visits, before Yola was mobile, keepers would often have to assist Yola with the transition from human caretaker to gorilla mom, giving her a few pats of encouragement and comfort during this time. Now, however, she merely sits and watches expectantly for her mom to join her and the visit to begin. Both Nadiri and Yola anticipate their time together and enjoy one another's company."

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