Bakery changes name of Oreo cupcake after it's called racist

A Portland, Oregon, bakery has changed the name of one of its menu items after being faced with criticism.

Fat Cupcake sells an Oreo cupcake that was named "Mr. President."

The Oregonian reported that patrons of the black-owned business flooded the shop's Yelp page with negative reviews for the name of the dessert.

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"Very troubling," a reviewer wrote on Yelp, according to The Oregonian."They were serving a cupcake called the 'Mr. President' that had an Oreo cookie inside. When I tried to point out the racism implied, they claimed that 'our current president loves Oreos.'"

The bakery, which opened a month ago in a new second location, describes the cupcake on its menu as containing "white (cake), Oreo cookie, cookies n' cream buttercream."

Fat Cupcake owner Anjelica Hayes spoke with The Oregonian and said that she is not racist.

"I myself am black," she said.

Hayes said she named the cupcake Mr. President because she was told that President Obama's favorite cookie was Oreos. "We thought that was a cool coincidence.

What sounds like it would be really fancy?" Hayes said. "We thought of the presidential office."

I just thought it was an honorary name, I thought I'd be honored if someone named a cupcake after me."

Hayes said that the new name of the cupcake is "The Professional," until the election is over. She said regardless of what it's called, the dessert is one of her shop's most popular items.

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