‘It's basically God hugging you’: Virginia cancer patient creates prayer blankets

A Virginia teenager diagnosed with a rare brain tumor is blanketing other cancer patients with his strength and courage.

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Landen Walker, 15, of Danville, said he wants to wrap people in prayer and comfort them as they face chemotherapy and surgery, WSET reported. Walker has had two brain surgeries after doctors told him he had a tumor in his nasal cavity, the television station reported.

Last month, Walker went to Pittsburgh to have a tumor the size of an orange removed from the lower left side of his brain, WSLS reported. He learned about the tumor two weeks earlier, and after having surgery in February to remove another growth, he confessed he was "scared as heck."

"Let's just say I dropped the F-bomb as loud as I (could)," Landen told the television station.

Now that he is recovering, Walker is making prayer blankets, available to anyone having a rough time. It's his way to thank those who were supportive during his surgeries, Walker told WSET. Walker ties ribbons on the blankets, along with his mother and sister, and then prays over each blanket.

"It's basically God hugging you at night and day," Walker told the television station. "Whether you're going through a rough time, put the blanket on. Through everything, the blanket is there for you."

Walker said he has already received more than 50 orders, with requests coming from as far away as Colorado, WSLS reported.

"My message is, a prayer can go far and that God is always going to be on your side," Walker told the television station.

"We've made them for people with cancer, with ALS, for people having surgeries, for kids being bullied, for people with anxiety and depression," Walker's mother, Robyn Raines, told WSLS.

To get a blanket, you can message Walker's Facebook page or Raines' Facebook page.

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