Book soon for your holiday flight plans

The calendar says July, but you’re going to want to start thinking about the winter holidays soon if you plan on getting out of town for Christmas.

Travel experts say time is money and the time is now if you want to save cash if you are planning on flying for Christmas, CNBC reported.

The most affordable holiday flights are found in early July through mid-September, the fare watchers at said.

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Some of the most popular destinations, like Vegas or San Francisco, have already passed Cheapflight's deadlines.

Atlanta, Seattle, Denver and Mexico City should be more affordable this week.

The end of the month will be places like Washington, D.C., Houston and Guadalajara, Mexico.

August is the time you should look at places like Orlando, Dallas or San Juan.

September is the month to buy tickets for Chicago, Tampa and New York.

Don't fret if your destination has passed. Cheapflights has tips on how to find a deal. They also suggest to try to be flexible and fly-off peak.

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