Boy who gave up Xbox to help homeless gets Christmas wish directly from Microsoft

One boy’s selfless act has been rewarded by tech giant Microsoft.

Mikah Frye decided that the money that would have been spent to get him an Xbox for Christmas would go to better use this year.

He used the money to buy more than 60 blankets for the homeless in his area.

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After his story went viral, company officials at Microsoft, the creators of the Xbox, had a surprise for Mikah at Beachwood Place, the area mall, WJW reported.

Employees at the Microsoft store escorted the 9-year-old boy to the back of the store. He was greeted by the big man himself, not Bill Gates, but rather Santa, who was waiting with two bags full of presents, including the coveted Xbox.

Once he got through the piles of gifts, Mikah and his family began to cry, remembering how they’ve been blessed after having encountered financial roadblocks in recent years.

"He knew what it was like not to have a blanket at night and have to give it back," Terry Brant, Mikah's grandmother, told WJW. Mikah's mother told the television station that Mikah's family had been homeless and lived in an a emergency shelter for weeks a few years ago.

Credit: Christian Petersen

Credit: Christian Petersen

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