Car seat saves young boy's life during violent car crash

A young boy is lucky to be alive today, all thanks to a car seat.

While you can never expect when you'll find yourself in a car accident, you can always take the necessary precautions to ensure safety.

After a car crash in Abington on Sunday, the family of a little boy realized just how important it is to keep your children in the correct car seat.

Brittany Crowe, who works at the Dunkin Donuts on Brockton Avenue in Abington, recounts the moment she saw a car slam into another at an intersection.

"I was at the window cashing people out and I heard a big bang," said Crowe. "Then I looked out and I saw the smoke and people were rushing over to the smaller car to see if they were okay."

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Abington Fire Captain Brian Fogg says he found a young boy safely strapped to his car seat, right where another car crashed into his door, and that the boy was absolutely fine.

"What made it particularly interesting was the location of the impact, which was on the rear passenger door," said Captain Fogg.

Abington Fire Captain Jack Glynn said it's accidents like these that really show how car seats can be life-saving tools, much alike seatbelts.

"It really highlighted the importance of having properly installed car seats," said Captain Glynn.

The Abington Fire Department has four technicians dedicated to training parents on how to properly install car seats year-round.

They offer free training at their fire station for any and all families who want to make sure they're installing their car seats the right way.

Those technicians are now helping about 100 families every year.

"Parents understand how important it is, they're precious cargo," said Glynn.

Glynn hopes this crash serves as a wake-up call to those parents who don't always buckle their kids in correctly and warns about how the results can be devastating when a child is not in a car seat at all.

"Thank God he was [buckled in] because they were literally T-boned, I don't think he would have lived if there was no car seat.

The crash still remains under investigation.

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