Car submerged 3 months after driver blacked out and forgot it, removed from river

A car submerged for three months after its driver blacked out and forgot where he left it was recovered from the Connecticut River Sunday in Chicopee, police said.

Chicopee police got a call from a kayaker Saturday afternoon who discovered the car at the bottom of the river. Officers were able to see it through the water when they arrived to the scene.

Divers went down in the water and found out the car had no occupants, so the department waited until Sunday to remove it.

The dive team hooked up cables and equipment to successfully remove the car from the water around 8 a.m.

Police determined that on April 8, the car's driver blacked out and drove the vehicle into or near the water. West Springfield police received a report from the man and his father that he had blacked out, and he didn't know where the car was.

No one was hurt in the incident.

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