Case of missing dinosaur comes to a sad end

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The case of a missing dinosaur came to a sad end in Tulsa.

A nine-foot tall, 200-lb. dinosaur statue, stolen from Classic Pets in Bartlesville, Okla., was found in pieces in a Tulsa dumpster earlier this week.

Store owner Kathy Keim said she is glad the dinosaur was found, but sad it is broken.

"I was glad he was found. I'm glad nobody has him anymore," Keim said.

Police returned the pieces of the statue to her Wednesday.

"He said they found it and it wasn't good. He was in a dumpster in Tulsa and cut up," Keim said.

Police found the statue in a dumpster behind a supermarket. Every part was accounted for except the head. The head of the dinosaur wasn't initially found, but a man saw the story on the news and returned  it to the owner. The man said he'd taken the head out when he saw it in the dumpster and gave it to his kids to play with.

Community members are shocked that the statue was stolen at all. One customer said he hopes people come together to help Keim out.

"Maybe the community will pull together and get a fund to fix it and if it is totally damaged we can get a fund to replace it. I'm in if they do it," said Raymond Hunter.

Police said a suspect called the store this week and asked to speak to Keim. Officials said the suspect sounded remorseful and wants to make things right by either paying for repairs or buying a new dinosaur statue.