Cat survives 45-minute tumble in washing machine

A cat snuck into his owner’s washing machine, then accidentally went through a 45-minute wash cycle and survived.

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Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff was filling her front-loading washing machine when Felix jumped in, unbeknownst to her, KARE reported.

"I've never seen them go in the washer or dryer, but I'd heard of this happening," Carroll-Kirchoff told KARE. "So, I always check."

However, this time she did not check one last time before setting it to express with a warm wash, a cold rinse and a spin dry, KARE reported.

When she went to check on the laundry, it was still wet. She thought about putting it through the dryer setting again.

"I heard a little meow, and all of a sudden, I saw a little white foot go up in the air," Carroll-Kirchoff told KARE. "I can't tell you what that was like."

Felix was rushed to the veterinary clinic where he is in critical condition. His condition is improving, KARE reported.

"I'm not sure if he recognizes us yet, but he's leaning forward and wanting to be petted. So, that gives me some hope he knows somebody cares," Carroll-Kirchoff told KARE.

The family set up a GoFundMe to help pay for Felix's medical costs.