2 children die from flu-like symptoms; one, hours after diagnosis

An 8-year-old from Texas and a 10-year-old from Ohio died after suffering from flu-like symptoms.

Martin Ray Campbell, Jr., 8, was from Corpus Christi, Texas. He was diagnosed with the flu on Sunday. His family took him to the emergency room twice, but he died on Monday, KRIS reported. He would have been 9 on Sunday. The family still plans to hold the party they had planned for him. He'll be laid to rest next week, KRIS reported.

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As a family in Texas mourns the death of a child, another family, this time in Ohio, is also mourning the loss of a child from the flu.

A southwest Warren County fourth-grader died Wednesday of cardiac arrest stemming from strep throat and flu.

Mason City Schools spokeswoman Tracey Carson told parents about the death of  Western Row Elementary School student Sable Gibson, 10, in a written message to parents.

The fourth-grader died this week of cardiac arrest stemming from strep throat and flu.

Western Row brought in counselors to help the child's friends and classmates deal with the news of her death.

Credit: rea einskisson/FreeImages.com

Credit: rea einskisson/FreeImages.com

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