Church cross explodes after being struck by lightning

Chunks of a church cross were left scattered across the ground after Brycen Malo said he watched lightning strike the peak of the church.

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“I just see huge lightning hit the top and then everything flashes and it’s everywhere,” Malo said.

He and his brother were at a red light as a storm was rolling through the area.

The lightning was just feet away from them.

"It was loud. There was the initial crack of it getting hit by lightning and then the thunder which was super close," driver Phillip Malo said.

It happened at Murray Hill United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

“It was pretty crazy just going to see it. It seemed like God was pretty mad or something,” Malo said.

After the lightning struck, they said pieces of the cross that was on top of the church flew into the street.

“I just saw the chunks fly, little pieces hit my car, no damage or anything, but it was pretty crazy,” Malo said.

They said neighbors came out to see what happened and even a nearby business owner said he heard what sounded like an explosion and then saw fire trucks.

“I’ve come back and it’s all over the ground like everywhere. It crossed all of the street. It’s just wild,” Malo said.

The church is going through its insurance company for the storm damage and will probably replace the cross, according to WJAX-TV.

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