College professor holds student's baby while teaching class, goes viral

A Texas college professor is drawing praise after her act of kindness for a busy mom went viral on social media.

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According to KTRK-TV, San Jacinto College student Haley Yates took to Twitter last week to share a photo of her math professor, Barbie Hicks, holding Yates' baby girl while preparing the class for an exam.

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"After getting off a 10 hour shift and picking [the baby] up, I had to go straight to class 45 minutes late because class starts exactly the time I get off," Yates captioned the photo, which has received more than 10,000 likes. "My professor took her from my hands and taught class so I would be able to review before our test. I'm forever grateful."

In her own tweet, Hicks replied that she was "just doing what should've been done."

"Love all my students and want you to succeed," she wrote. "I know all too well what it's like to be a mom trying to go to school. Hugs sweetie! Thanks for the kind words."

Several commenters lauded Hicks and offered well-wishes to Yates, who wants to pursue a nursing career after she earns her associate's degree, KTRK reported.

"This made my heart warm," one Twitter user wrote.

"Never give up," added another.

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