Copperhead snake bites child at preschool playground

A little girl in Texas has recovered after a scary encounter with a dangerous snake.

Kiley Cook was at preschool in Grandbury, Texas, when a snake bit her.

It wasn't just any snake, but a venomous copperhead, WFAA reported.

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Her mother, Nataly Horn, was working with another class at the preschool when the bite happened.

Kiley had to be flown to Cook Children's hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. The hospital sees between 17 and 25 children bitten by snakes every year.

The bite caused Kiley's finger, hand and arm to swell. Her finger also turned black, Kiley's father Michael Cook told WFAA.

"It was a scary moment. My heart stopped," says Kiley's mom, Nataly Horn.

Posted by WFAA-TV on Monday, May 30, 2016

The day care's owner told WFAA that employees would examine the playground for snakes before the accident.

Nataly Horn said she looked at the playground earlier that morning when she took her class outside to play.

Additional safety measures will be taken, including adding mesh fencing to the property and having experts come take a look at the surroundings, giving advice on what can be done.

The day care has been in business for 18 years.

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