Couch caper: Abandoned sofa in Palm Bay becomes viral outdoor living room

It was fun while it lasted, but it appears a couch that sat abandoned along a busy road in Brevard County, Florida, for weeks, attracting a comfortable social media following, has been taken away.

For weeks, the solitary sofa – with no living room to call home – nevertheless found a following, if not a home without walls, windows, rugs or even a roof.

Palm Bay residents say the couch had been sitting empty along on Palm Bay Road. For most, it was a roadside eyesore – until the community decided to showcase it.

Soon there was a table, mini-fridge, artificial plants, more furniture and even a TV.

Not to mention lots of onlookers.

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With the couch's new-found fellow furniture came real-life visitors, who came to see the spontaneous setup and just had to stop for a picture.

“I thought it was hilarious,” said Palm Bay visitor Diane Monroe. “I had to come down and see and take pictures so I can go home and show my grandkids.”

The Palm Bay Couch, as it's now called, even has its own Facebook page with more than 5,000 followers.

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Visitors to the Facebook page commented Monday evening that volunteers had cleaned it up and taken it away. It’s not clear who took it or where exactly it’s going.

People who have stopped for photos have been sharing their stop at the sidewalk sofa.

Despite the roadside couch comfort, it also brought controversy. Some nearby business owners said the couch created a traffic nuisance. City leaders in Palm Bay and West Melbourne were also trying to figure out whose city limits control the couch creation.

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The Saint Jones River Water Management District was also notified because of the couch’s proximity to a canal.

Still, an abandoned couch's ability to bring strangers together is an incredible thing.

“It’s so much better following something fun and cute… rather than all the negative,” said couch visitor Charlene Palazzo.

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