‘Cousin Eddie,’ ‘Ralphie’ bring Christmas cheer to Wisconsin town

Instead of ho-ho-ho, a Wisconsin family is bringing ha, ha, ha this holiday season.

The display actually started about a year ago, when the family put up a mannequin dressed as Uncle Eddie, complete with hunting cap and robe, from "Christmas Vacation," WISC reported.

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This year, a trailer was added to the scene.

But he’s not alone.

Eddie brought along Ralphie from “A Christmas Story.” And Ralphie is dressed like the deranged Easter Bunny in his pink rabbit onesie and a crate marked Fragile.

The family, who didn't want to be identified, told WISC the displays weren't for the attention, rather it was just funny.

The local police are using the display to help pass along a serious message this year, reminding residents that "porch pirates" could be lurking, WISC reported.

Credit: Archive Photos

Credit: Archive Photos

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