Crash that killed girl, 13, capped clandestine first date with boy, 17

Karenine Saint Louis could have died last summer crossing the street, or on a ride to the mall with her mother. What makes the story of her death tragic is the sum of its parts.

Arranging a clandestine rendezvous with a boy she’d just met and who didn’t even know her last name. Sneaking out of bed in the dead of night and propping pillows to make it look like she was asleep. And climbing into a truck with a driver who shouldn’t have been behind the wheel.

An 81-page final crash report obtained this week by The Palm Beach Post contains the standard skid-mark measurements and toxicology results. But it also offers insights on how a young girl did the kinds of reckless acts that millions of adults did as teenagers but lived to tell. Karenine, a 13-year-old honor student who wanted to be a psychiatrist, did not.
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