Cruiser cams give more details of viral police arrest video in Ohio

Audio and video recordings from two Dayton police cruisers obtained by the Dayton Daily News and WHIO-TV shed more light into an incident that generated controversy on social media.

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A cellphone video of two people being arrested near apartments in Dayton, Ohio, on Feb. 26 went viral after being posted on Facebook.

The 84-second video showed a man in handcuffs on the ground shaking, and then a woman at the scene who was recording video with her cellphone was arrested after being told to move back.

Police arrested 27-year-old Jewell Carter Jr. and 26-year-old Quinshayla Kelley.

In the new recordings, a police officer at the scene can be heard saying that Carter faked a seizure. An officer told Carter “the show’s over” after he was put in handcuffs.

Multiple bystanders were video recording the arrest on their cellphone videos, including Kelley.

CRUISER CAM: Viral police arrest in Dayton (Clip 1)

Carter can be heard in a recording saying he was going to get the officer fired because he was assaulted and it was an “illegal arrest.”

Kelley is heard on recordings saying she shouldn’t have been arrested because she backed up as directed by police. Officers disputed that.

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The first video, which is about 30 minutes long, shows police pulling over a black Monte Carlo that appears not to have a rear license plate.

An officer instructs the driver to roll down his window and hand over his license.

VIDEO: Dayton police arrest goes viral | Contributed

Carter, the alleged driver, asked why he was pulled over, and the officer said because the vehicle does not have a license plate.

The officer asked for an ID multiple times.

At some point, the officer pulled Carter out of the car and wrestled him to the ground with the help of another officer.

Carter, cursing, claimed he didn’t do anything wrong.

There is a struggle while on the ground. Officers repeatedly ordered Carter to give them his hands or put them behind his back.

Multiple officers appeared to be involved in subduing Carter.

At some point, Carter began yelling out that he "can't breathe" and continues to say it while he's on the ground and as he's being arrested.

A police officer in the video can be heard saying Carter faked a seizure. An officer asked Carter why he was playing games.

Police also can be heard discussing whether they need to take Carter to jail or to the hospital. Police ended up taking Carter to the hospital before he was transported to the jail.

CRUISER CAM: Viral police arrest in Dayton (Clip 2)

On the ride to the hospital, Carter is caught on an audio recording cursing and insulting the officers and saying he would win at trial and get one officer fired.

He can be heard saying there were witnesses of what he called an assault and illegal arrest. He said he was punched in the head and had a seizure.

Carter was charged with obstructing official business, resisting arrest and two counts of failure to comply with an order of a police officer.

Carter also was charged for not having a driver’s license, driving under violation of suspension, driving for nonpayment of a judgment, operating without a license plates, failure to reinstate license and tinted glass.

A second cruiser camera video shows Kelley’s arrest, who was in the parking lot when Carter’s vehicle was stopped.

Kelley, who was recording with her cellphone, can be heard yelling at police to leave Carter alone and that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Police tell Kelley and other bystanders to back up. Other people also recorded video with their cellphones.

The officer appears to grab or push Carter back, and she yells, “Don’t touch me.” Kelley is arrested, with the help of other officers.

Audio recording captures Kelley sobbing in the back of the police cruiser.

Kelley can be heard saying she does not have a criminal record and she didn’t do anything wrong because she was backing up as told and didn’t touch the officer. She claims her rights were violated and she has it all on camera.

“I did not walk up on him, I didn’t touch him, he touched me,” she said. “I was backing up with everybody, I swear to God I didn’t do nothing.”

She said the police had no reason to pull Carter over and pull him out of the car.

Kelley was charged with misdemeanor counts of obstructing official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

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