Debra Messing remembers TV mom, 'warrior woman' Debbie Reynolds

Actress Debra Messing took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a heartfelt tribute to her TV mother, the late Debbie Reynolds.

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Reynolds died Wednesday, one day after her daughter, actress Carrie Fisher, passed. She was 84. Fisher was 60.

"Debbie went to be with Carrie," Messing wrote. "Carrie left too soon and now they are together again."

Reynolds played Bobbie Adler, mother to Messing's titular character Grace Adler on the sit-com "Will & Grace," for all of the show's eight seasons.

"My heart is literally broken," Messing wrote.

She described Reynolds as a lively and affectionate woman and a "consummate pro."

"(She was) an inspiration on every level – a legend, of course, the epitome of clean-cut American optimism," Messing wrote. "(She was) a warrior woman who never stopped working.

"I lost my mom a few years ago. She loved that Debbie was my TV mom. I hope they find each other and hug and kiss and my mom says 'I got you, Debbie. Carrie's waiting for you.'"

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