Dog backs fisherman’s RV into lake

A dog put a recreational vehicle in reverse, backing the large vehicle into a lake while his owner was trying to launch a boat to practice for a fishing tournament.

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It was a first for Eric Jackson, who is a professional fisherman and has owned RVs since 1997.

His Dalmation, Bodi, put the vehicle into reverse, sending it into the lake as Jackson was launching his boat to practice for the Fishing League Worldwide 2019 tour.

In a video, Jackson runs between the trailer and the RV, and then goes into the rear door of the RV in an attempt to stop the vehicle.

"By the time I got my foot on the brake, the back wheels were floating," Jackson told KBMT.

The RV was eventually pulled from the lake.

Jackson shared video of the ordeal with the comment, "RVs float, until they sink."

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