Drug bust yields millions of dollars worth of marijuana

Atlanta police announced a huge drug bust Thursday, when officers seized thousands of pounds of marijuana.

Police presented the 5,824 pounds of marijuana at the police department, Thursday. The drugs were valued at an estimated $9 million.

More than 208 bales of marijuana were shrink-wrapped in green plastic. The plastic was covered with chlorine to distract drug sniffing dogs.

Atlanta police received a tip on Monday that a huge shipment of marijuana was moving through the city in a cargo truck.

Atlanta police notified state police who made a traffic stop. Atlanta police officers then arrived and took the driver and truck into custody.

"We opened the back of the truck up, inside we located 5,800 pounds of marijuana, 208 bales," said police Chief Darryl Tollison. "Street value, we think it's approximately $9 million. We think it's one of the biggest, if not the biggest we have ever had in the city."

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