Duo, tired of waiting on city, fill potholes themselves

Two friends, tired of waiting on the city to make the repairs, spend their spare time filling in potholes throughout Indianapolis neighborhoods.

Chris Lang and Mike Warren created Open Source Roads, an organization dedicated to fixing the pocked streets.

"We want to fill a lot of potholes, and we want people to help out and see that we don't need to rely on this monopoly (the city) for it, and I want that to be what starts the people in charge talking about change," Lang told The Indianapolis Star.

The pair wear orange safety vests, set up barricades. Then they clear the crater, fill it with asphalt and seal it. They do not have a permit for what they are doing but said no one has tried to stop them. They filled more than 100 potholes in 2017 and seven in 2018, according to the Star.

A permit is required to work in the city right of way, Betsy Whitmore, Indianapolis Department of Public Works spokeswoman, told WISH.

"We appreciate (their) passion to be part of the solution when it comes to road repairs, but there are certain protocols which include getting a permit to work in the city’s right of way. This ensures that the city knows what work is being performed on city-owned assets, who is doing the work and what materials are being used,” she said. "Safety is the greatest concern on this matter. Working in open traffic requires training and attention to safety standards.”

Warren and Lang said they have spent about $1,000 on tools and material. The money has come from their own paychecks, donations and a GoFundMe account they set up.

"Until then we keep it up," Lang told WISH. "As long as we've got funding and time."

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