Early senior prank brings colors to high school yearbook

With just a handful of bright Hawaiian shirts, high school students in New York transformed their yearbook with splashes of color as part of a prank that picked up steam and has since gone viral.

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Someone flipping through the 2015-2016 yearbook for Sleepy Hollow High School in New York may notice a pattern. Nearly 60 students spent at least part of photo day wearing a bright yellow Hawaiian shirt.

Dave Husselbee, a junior at Sleepy Hollow High School, posted photos of the prank on Imgur Thursday.

He and his friends brought five bright yellow Hawaiian shirts to school for photo day and passed them around. He told ABC News about 10 people knew about the planned prank beforehand.

Husselbee and his friends originally planned to use the shirts for a senior prank. They pulled it off early because "the school requires everyone to wear specific suits or dresses," for senior photos, he told ABC News.

School principal Carol Conklin-Spillane told the news station that the prank exemplifies the relationship between students and teachers at Sleepy Hollow high. Seven school staff members donned the yellow shirt for photo day.

"That's really what's special about this place," she said. "It's an example of how these four years in a person's life can be transformative. It's all about the relationships these young people have with adults."