Employee admits to spiking co-workers drink with LSD to get rid of ‘negative energy,’ police say

An employee at a Missouri Enterprise Rent-A-Car is accused of spiking the drinks of co-workers with LSD because he wanted to get rid of his co-workers’ “negative energy.”

Lt. Clinton Wooldridge said two employees of the Arnold, Missouri, location were dizzy and shaky but couldn't figure out why, so they were taken to an area hospital, KMOV reported.

Police questioned the 19-year-old employee, whose name has not been released, who officials said admitted he put LSD in two workers' water bottles, because he wanted to change their energy, KMOV reported.

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The business' manager said she saw the employee holding a water dropper and he was doing something to her water jug, but she said she didn't drink from it, The Leader reported.

The Jefferson County Municipal Enforcement Group said the workers’ reaction is what happens with LSD.

No charges have been filed until the lab results come back. If the water tests positive, the employee could face charges, KMOV reported.

The water was tested at the business, but the results were inconclusive, The Leader reported.

The employees allegedly drugged were OK after the effects wore off.

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