Escaped calf slaughtered in parking lot

A calf that escaped a Connecticut meat market was captured and slaughtered in a nearby parking lot in public view, police said.

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The Saba meat market, has multiple live animals on-site and offers customers products prepared according to Muslim dietary laws, WVIT reported.

On Saturday, a calf escaped from the store and ran to a Home Depot parking lot where it was eventually captured by meat market employees and a contractor doing renovations to the store who was armed with a crossbow, WVIT reported.

A police officer helped box in the animal. The officer can be seen throwing his hands in the air in disbelief when employee Badr Musaed took out a knife and cut the calf’s throat after it was captured.

“You know this is a big, this is a problem. This is not something that can be done,” the officer can be heard telling the men in a video of the incident.

“We try to do our best, you know,” one of the employees replies.

"OK, but you guys get, like, you get a leash. You got something, like, like -- this kid here just watched you slit a cow's throat," the officer said.

"They come in our store all the time," the employee said. 

"OK. But we're not in your store right now. You're in the back of a Home Depot."

Musaed was cited for causing a public disturbance, WVIT reported.

The store has been closed for various violations.

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