Facebook alerts users if their data was compromised by Cambridge Analytica

Monday morning brings Facebook users the answers many were waiting for. The social media company will start posting notifications on News Feeds if account data was stolen and used by Cambridge Analytica.

Mashable reported that an alert would appear after 7 a.m. Monday on the accounts affected by the data breach.

If the data was taken, you’d get an alert that said that an app would be banned if it shared data to Cambridge Analytica and a link to see how your account was affected.

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If you weren’t a victim of the breach, then you’ll get an alert that directs you to a list of apps and websites that you have granted permission to use your Facebook log in.

You will be able to disconnect any apps you no longer want to allow access to your Facebook account, CNBC reported.

Examples of the alerts are below:

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

Facebook believes that up to 87 million users, with most in the U.S., are victims of the Cambridge Analytica data breach.

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to testify in front of a House panel Wednesday, CNBC reported.

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