Family on picnic rescues man trapped inside wrecked SUV for 3 days

A man who had been trapped inside his SUV forthree days after a crash is recovering thanks to a family out on a picnic.

Josh Schreiner was out on a picnic with his family in Arizona Friday when his daughter spotted a crumpled SUV sitting at the bottom of a hill. They stopped to take some photos.

"There's a good possibility that if my daughter hadn't of seen it, maybe we would have drove by too because it's kind of tucked down below," Schreiner told KSAZ.

The car looked out-of-place, so they decided to check it out just in case. That’s when they found a man sitting inside the damaged car.

“He was in bad shape,” said Josh Schreiner’s father, Dale Schreiner, who was out with his family on the picnic. “I asked him if anyone was with him, he said no, and I asked him how long has he been there, and he said 3 days. He had -- you know, he was covered with bites and everything else.”

The family called 911, and paramedics took him to a hospital. He is now recovering from his injuries.

The Schreiners say they learned a valuable lesson Friday.

“Don’t ever live your life on a wonder. If you think, 'Hey it looks like there could be someone down there,' check it out, go down there and take a look at it,”  said Schreiner.

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Jerome Police Chief Allen Muma said the man's purple SUV was spotted Friday afternoon by a couple who had pulled over on a road on Mingus Mountain, about 10 miles south of Jerome.