Father acquitted of murder in child's hot car death

The father of 13 children who was acquitted Friday of all charges in the hot car death of his six-month-old son has a message to those who still think he's a murderer.

Lance Williams told KCCI that people can say bad things about him on Facebook, but that they should also "advocate for legislation." Williams believes that a car with a built-in baby monitor could have saved the life of his son, Tyrese.

Williams was facing a murder charge stemming from the June 11, 2016, incident. Williams said he accidentally left Tyrese in his car, went inside his barber shop and fell asleep. When he awoke, he raced outside to his car, but he could not revive his son, KCCI reported.

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Judge Michael Huppert cleared Williams of all charges, saying the state failed to show that Williams acted in a knowing or reckless manner.

Tyrese's mother and her family were disappointed and upset by the ruling, KCCI reported. Tyrese's grandmother told KCCI that Williams told so many lies that it was difficult to believe Tyrese's death was an accident.

Williams told KCCI that he would never intentionally harm any of his children, and while he can't bring Tyrese back, he "can do better for the rest of them."

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