Fisherman’s bucket challenge to help clean environment

A fisherman in Louisiana has come up with a new bucket challenge. But it isn’t like the normal viral challenges that make people do some sort of physical feat to get the social media spotlight.

This one was designed to make an environmental impact.

Leonard Bergeron started the 5 gallon bucket challenge, asking people who are spending a day outdoors to take a 5 gallon bucket with them to clean up trash and litter that they come across on their outings, WVUE reported.

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Now others are taking on the challenge, even on days they forget to take their bucket.

Ryan McGittigan said that he didn't take one when he went out fishing, but he found a bucket floating in the bayou and was able to complete his challenge, WVUE reported.

This challenge differs from other social media stunts, because you don't have to be nominated to take part, people just have to take a bucket with them when they go out, WVUE reported.

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