‘In flakes it’s snow:’ Los Angeles deal with rare snow

“California Dreamin’” turned into “Let it Snow” this week for parts of southern California.

In areas where sun and blue skies are the norm, snow fell in areas like Hollywood, Pasadena and Malibu, USA Today reported.

Some saw more than snowflakes, others got to experience sleet, the newspaper reported.

The Los Angeles Police Department reminded those who didn’t know what to do with the white stuff falling from the sky, that it wasn’t an emergency.

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The National Weather Service also got into the game of easing the fears of Californians who are not used to seeing cold precipitation in their normally warm part of the country, NBC News reported.

Los Angeles is not alone when it comes to unusual snow.

Las Vegas also had some flurries this week, USA Today reported. The cold weather is part of a cold front from Canada, NBC News reported.

The last time any measurable snow fell in Los Angeles was 1949, according to the National Weather Service and NBC News.

The heat is going to climb again this weekend with sunny skies and above-normal temperatures next week, according to NBC News.

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