Florida high school janitor accused of groping student gets arrested, fired

A custodian at a Florida high school was arrested after he reportedly patted the backside of a female student while working at the school, a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report said.

Reshat Abrashi, 61, is charged with offenses against students by authority figures, a felony.

The incident happened Friday at Wolfson High School, the report said, and Abrashi was reprimanded and fired the same day.

Duval County Public Schools is investigating the accusations of groping inside the school.

According to the JSO arrest report, Abrashi patted a girl twice on her backside.

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The incident was caught on school security cameras.

The school district told ActionNewsJax reporter Courtney Cole that school security surveillance video is confidential, so it is unable to give that footage to us.

The school district also said Abrashi is not an employee of Duval County Public Schools. The district contracts out for custodial services.

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Cole spoke directly with the custodian’s employer. ABM, a janitorial services company, said Abrashi is not allowed on campus and his work badge has been revoked pending the outcome of the investigation.

"That's concerning because now, wow!” said Georlin Gordon, who was shocked to hear about the allegations against one of the custodians at her daughter's high school.

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“I remember the school sent out an email over the weekend and I saw it and was just, 'Oh my gosh, did this really happen?'” Gordon said.

According to the report, the "hysterical" victim approached a school safety officer and said Abrashi patted her bottom twice after moving close to her at the school.

As he tapped her backside, the victim told authorities, he commented, "Big, big," before she walked away. The victim said in the report that it was common knowledge among students that Abrashi looks lustfully at girls at the school.

After the incident, the report said, school officials began to put together a plan to have an interpreter in place because Abrashi spoke little English.

Abrashi was located at his home and arrested without incident.

"I didn't know to the extent that the police were called out. They never said what the outcome was, so I was unaware of that,” Gordon said.

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