Florida lawmakers push to pass bill that would allow school teachers to carry guns

On Tuesday, Florida lawmakers discussed legislation that would allow teachers to be armed in the classrooms.

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It's a controversial topic many people have strong feelings about.

Senate Bill 7030 is related to school safety and security.

However, many parents and advocates believe if it becomes a law many students and staff are at risk for danger.

For any parent or educator, keeping children safe at school is a priority.

Cheryl Anderson is an advocate in Mothers Demand Action, and she’s against the bill because she believes it puts everyone’s safety at risk.

“There is no evidence that that works, that it is a good option. We are not comfortable with the entire idea," Anderson said.

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Education was asked if there was any significant data that shows this method has been effective, considering the guardian program has already been implemented in some schools.

And senators, such as David Sikes, who is backing the bill, said there was no evidence.

“To my knowledge, there has been no changes regarding the schools that have implemented the guardian program,” Sikes said.

That’s why people like Anderson, who are against the bill, believe it should not be expanded before there is proven data to show it’s the best option for safety.

“Once there’s someone in a building with a firearm, a bad guy in a building with a firearm, we’ve already lost no matter how many teachers are armed, our kids have already lost. The danger is already in the building,” Anderson said.

Senators backing the bill said schools should have the option to choose if they want the guardian program or not.

“People who want that opportunity to protect their students should have the opportunity, so I opposed this amendment."

It would require teachers to undergo special testing and training to deal with firearms and active shooters.

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Parents brought up questions like how the firearms would be stored, and there was no definitive answer given. Therefore, many parents and educators are not in favor of the bill.

“We want teachers to teach and we want security to be handled by security professionals,” Anderson said.

The bill passed out of the education committee by two votes. Now, it goes on to the next committee for review.

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