Florida woman, 70, shocked with Taser three times by deputies

A 70-year-old Florida woman was shocked with a Taser three times by deputies Thursday when they came to her house to arrest a family member on a warrant, authorities said.

Barbara Pinkney greeted Manatee County deputies at the door but refused to let them inside, even after they explained that they had an arrest warrant and did not need a search warrant to enter, the Bradenton Herald reported.

Deputies told Pinkney she could be arrested for obstruction but she continued to refuse them entry, the Herald reported.

When deputies tried to arrest her, she pulled away. A deputy then drew his Taser and fired it at Pinkney, but it had no effect. The deputy then used the Taser directly against Pinkney's body, driving her to the ground, the Herald reported.

Pinkney continued to resist, and the deputy fired the stun gun again into her body, but this time with no effect. Other deputies came over and managed to take Pinkney into custody.

Deputies were unable to locate the family member, who was wanted on a concealed weapon charge, the Herald reported.

As deputies took Pinkney into custody, a neighbor’s dog was also shocked with a Taser after it got loose and tried to attack a K-9.

Pinkney was arrested and charged with felony battery on a law enforcement officer and obstructing justice, according to jail records.

She was released after posting $1,000 bail.

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