Football standout includes friend with cerebral palsy in signing ceremony

Credit: Studio KIWI/Shutterstock

Credit: Studio KIWI/Shutterstock

As standout sports stars mark today’s signing day in their own way, telling the world where they’re going to attend college, one event is outshining all of them.

Cooper Dawson announced Wednesday where he will be playing college football. But he had some help from a classmate who you normally wouldn’t see at a signing day sitting behind the table.

Dawson brought along his friend Kingsley Feinman, WCIV reported.

Feinman has cerebral palsy and is paraplegic. He has a feeding tube and an aide who helps him do almost everything, reported.

Feinman wanted the same thing other high school students have, and with the help of Dawson, he was able to be one of the boys, meet girls and host a pool party, reported.

Dawson also made sure Feinman was there for Dawson’s big day.

First, Dawson introduced Feinman to the waiting crowd by explaining that Feinman inspired him while he recovered from a torn ACL, telling the football player, "The only disability is a bad attitude," WCIV reported.

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Dawson whispered in Feinman's ear his choice of college -- between Syracuse, Clemson and Central Florida University. Feinman then made the announcement, saying Dawson picked Syracuse, WCIV reported.

Dawson then placed the orange hat on Feinman’s head before on putting his own.

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