Formerly furloughed federal worker claims $29.5M jackpot

She won’t have to worry about government shutdowns stopping her paydays any longer.

Judith Smith, who had been a furloughed federal employee, finally claimed her $29.5 million jackpot she won from the New Jersey Lottery, The Associated Press reported.

Park ranger Smith bought the ticket Dec. 17, a few days before the government shutdown on Dec. 22.

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The shutdown lasted a record 35 days before the government reopened.

Smith is from Bayonne, New Jersey, and worked at the Fort Wadsworth recreation area in Staten Island, New York, the AP reported.

She stashed the ticket away for safekeeping until she was able to get legal and financial advice. Then she claimed her Pick-6 jackpot, lottery officials announce this week, according to the AP.

It was the largest Pick-6 jackpot for New Jersey since May 2004.

Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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