'Frankie' the fox likely bred for white fur, organization says

A rare white fox that captured media attention when it turned up in a town southwest of Boston earlier this month has been taken in by an organization in Bolton.

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Animal Adventures posted a video update Monday on the fox they nicknamed “Frankie.”

Representatives from the organization, say Frankie is being let out into a small pen, near where the other foxes are kept, in hopes they will accept her.

They say she seems to be a tame fox and though she is sweet, she is also known to bite.

She was about 8 to 10 pounds underweight when they took her in and may not have survived the winter. They estimate she is about a year old.

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According to the organization, she is white because she is the result of breeding for fur farms, where foxes are selected for different coloration. She is a red fox genetically, but has what they call “marble colorations” based on her breeding.

Frankie has had all her shots and they are prepping her for a life outdoors again. They are building a much larger exhibit for her, that she will move into, in the spring.

Frankie gained some fame on social media earlier this month when a daycare in Franklin raised concerns about seeing her so close to people. The daycare owner said with her being so accustomed to being near people, she could get too close to the kids and become dangerous.

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