Friendly bear cub could be killed after approaching group of snowboarders

A friendly bear cub seen in a video approaching a group of snowboarders could now be killed because of its sociable behavior.

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The cub was comfortable around humans because its mother likely died, wildlife experts told KRNV.

"This cub approached people because she didn't know any better," Ann Bryant, executive director of the Bear League, a non-profit that protects bears, told KRNV. "This is very rare."

The affable behavior is also dangerous.

"Let's say she goes back into the wild and she grows up and adds about 200 to 300 pounds onto her weight," Bryant told KNRV. "She's big, she's strong and she still thinks she can approach people? That's not going to be good and somebody is going to shoot her."

The cub was taken for evaluation by the California Department of Wildlife. After the tests, officials will decide whether the cub will be put into a sanctuary or euthanized.

Wildlife officials warn against interacting with bears and other wild animals.

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