Future of fast-food? Florida restaurant uses facial recognition to remember your order

More and more companies are using facial recognition software.

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Apple's new iPhone uses it to unlock your phone, and Facebook uses it to tag people in your pictures.

One burger chain in Florida is also starting to roll out the technology so that you can order your food faster.

The new BurgerFi restaurant in the Stone Hill Plaza in Oviedo, Florida, has been open less than a week, but they are already busy serving customers.

It's not just their burgers that have people talking. It's the two new self-serve kiosks in the store as you walk in where you can order with just your face.

WFTV reporter Jeff Levkulich found out ordering with your face can be convenient for people that want to get in and get out quickly.

Once the program remembers a customer's face, the next time they visit, the kiosk brings up all their past orders, and then customers can select what they want from a list.

A few minutes later, the same meal that was ordered before can be delivered directly to their table.

One question consumers might have is, what does this mean for your privacy?

Most customers at the location said they didn't mind giving their facial information to a company, but there were a few on the other side of the fence.

“I would choose not to use it,” said Oviedo resident Caleb Hayward. “Yeah, I don't think they should have that.”

Either way, one of the restaurant's owners said the tech was safe.

"There is actually a disclaimer on there that we don't do anything with your information. Also you know we are not selling anything on the dark web,” said Daryl Baer, part owner of BurgerFi. “We just keep your information just between you and that kiosk right there."

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