George H.W. Bush funeral: George W. Bush continues mint tradition with Michelle Obama

A moment that sealed the connection and image of two former families had apparently become a sort of tradition between former President George W. Bush and former first lady Michelle Obama.

In September, during the funeral for Sen. John McCain, Bush gave Obama a cough drop. It was a simple moment between three people who could be considered some of the nation’s most powerful, when former first lady Laura Bush, handed her husband a cough drop to give to Obama.

In a bit of levity during Wednesday's state funeral for Bush's father former President George H.W. Bush, Bush 43 did the same thing as he walked down the aisle greeting the nation's current and former leaders. He handed Obama, what many are calling a mint, before the funeral service began, the "Today" show reported. Obama smiled as he slipped the candy into her hand.

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George H.W. Bush's funeral ceremony continued to Joint Base Andrews, where his body was taken to the plane normally called Air Force One, but today called Special Air Mission 41, to take him back home to Texas and his wife, former first lady Barbara Bush, who died earlier this year.

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