Georgia boy born blind paints picture of American flag for President Trump

A Georgia grandfather is trying to spread awareness about children with disabilities.

Randy Hogue has always loved to paint. He loves it even more when his grandson Gage is by his side.

"If there is a disabled person, you have to understand. All they want to do is be included, just be included in life,” Hogue said.

Gage was born blind. He is also autistic and mostly nonverbal. But together, Gage and his Paw-Paw created a painting of the American flag. It’s called “The Crying Flag.”

"It really excites him to think he achieved something. Everybody knows he didn't paint it on his own. But it's his painting,” Hogue said.

They mailed a print to Washington, D.C. They recently received a response from the White House.

"Dear Gage, thank you for the beautiful painting of the American flag that you and your Paw-Paw made,” Hogue read out loud.

The letter was from President Donald Trump. It was both in print and in Braille.

It’s a piece of history the family will never part with. Faith is very important in their home, which is why the last words of the note meant the most to them.

"You are beautifully made in the image of God. I hope you always remember you are loved and cherished by so many,” Hogue said.

Randy made a few prints to give to friends, but he is now being flooded with inquiries from people who want to buy one.

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