Georgia sheriff: Don't post to Facebook if you see 'people impaled'

Credit: Facebook / Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office

Credit: Facebook / Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office

Don’t: Seek assistance through Facebook if you see “people impaled with objects with which they would rather not be impaled.”

Do: Dial 911 immediately regarding said situation.

That's the message the Oconee County Sheriff's Office relayed in a Tuesday Facebook post.

The post, which has more than 1,000 "likes," asks people not to leave Facebook messages about things that require immediate attention, as the page is not regularly monitored.

And just in case folks are unclear about what constitutes “immediate,” Oconee police provide specific examples.

This page is not constantly monitored.  Please do not post or send messages to it regarding things that need immediate...

Posted by Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Capt. Jimmy Williams, who posted the message, said it was in response to a car fire that was reported via Facebook.

"I didn't see the message until well after it was sent," Williams said. "It is fairly common to wake up in the morning and see messages that were sent during the night."

The office has been using Facebook since 2010 to communicate directly to the public. Their nearly 30,000 fans are often treated to posts with similar jest:

Oconee police are among other Georgia municipalities that use social media to engage the public, often in a witty manner:

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