Ghosts in the attic and basement haunt family home in Ohio

A family in southern Ohio told first responders over the weekend they have a ghost living in their attic and in their basement.

Emergency teams were called to the home in Cambridge, Ohio, early Sunday to help a woman who had collapsed on her front porch, according to the Times Reporter.

But when they arrived, the woman refused medical assistance, instead telling rescue workers her problem was of a “spiritual” nature.

The woman told police she was possessed by a ghost, named Angelica, who lived in her attic, the Times Reporter reported.

The woman's daughter confirmed the story, adding that the family also had a ghost in the basement, named George, and kept doors to both the attic and basement barricaded in order to contain the spirits, according to the newspaper.

The spirit in the attic, though, somehow escaped and took over the woman's body, the daughter told the Cambridge Daily Jeffersonian.

The woman apparently admitted to police before they left that she had tossed back a couple of shots hours before the episode.

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