Girl on horseback braves traffic, chases runaway horse

This is something definitely you don’t expect to see just outside Baltimore, but a Maryland teenager braved the traffic to catch a runaway horse.

Video of the horseback chase has gone viral on social media.

It all happened on Maryland state highway 170, WJZ reported. Ice, a thoroughbred, broke free from a halter during a competition and ran away.

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But Caroline Shoults did what she could and jumped on her mare, Tink, and chased after Ice.

"She was coming close to these cars. I mean, it was one little nick and those horse's legs and everything can be really, really bad. But there just wasn't enough time to think about that in the moment," Shoults told WJZ.

But Shoults wasn’t the only one trying to get control of Ice. Drivers used their cars to block traffic near Baltimore Washington International Airport.

No one was hurt and Ice eventually stopped his free run through the roads, WJZ reported.

Credit: Courtesy: Julia Young, De Novo Farm

Credit: Courtesy: Julia Young, De Novo Farm

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