Girl’s next-level ‘Ratatouille’ Halloween costume takes the internet by storm

To play a character from "Ratatouille," you could dress up like a rat, or you could suit up like a chef, but neither of those options are nearly as innovative as this Twitter user's above and beyond ode to the children's classic.

@Madsters96 turned up the Halloween heat in her chef’s coat, topped with a glow-in-the-dark insert of Remy, the star of the Pixar film, embedded in her hat. She captioned her post with one of the key lines from the film: “Anyone can cook.” The brilliantly inspired look quickly went viral, racking up more than 150,000 retweets and 500,000 likes. The best part? The simple look wouldn’t take much effort to be replicated.

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2007's "Ratatouille" is about a lowly rat who works his way up to achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a chef. One of the most humorous aspects of the franchise is that, for years, people didn't remember that "ratatouille" wasn't the lead animal's name, but his favorite dish. Thanks to the joy of movie magic and the wonders of the internet, you can too can take on Remy's specialty entree.

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