Goats used to help deal with landscape issues in Georgia city

Credit: ActionNewsJax.com

Credit: ActionNewsJax.com

Dozens of goats are being used in a Georgia city to deal with landscaping issues.

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Forget the lawn mower. Brunswick is going low-tech to fight grass and weeds.

"During the summer, we can't upkeep with mow, cut things down because of poison ivy, things like that," said Beatrice Soler, Brunswick's interim assistant city manager.

So the city is relying on 34 goats to do the job.

“We brought them in to eat, and I hope they do their job. They’ll eat all the things that we can’t get to with machines, invasive species,” Soler said.

Right now, the goats are in the College Park neighborhood, an area that is known to flood during hurricanes or heavy rains.

These workers never take a break -- even when they’re lying down.

And they aren’t just eating grass, they’re making friends.

“That one is named Star,” said a child who came to visit the goats.

"Uhh, they’re interesting and different,” a neighbor said.

While this homeowner seems skeptical, he admits the goats are doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

“They seem to be doing their job, eating all the time,” he said.

Soler said she found other cities like Savannah that brought in goats to do similar work and that the goats got the job done.

The goats will be in Brunswick for about a month. If they get it done, she said they’ll be back for more jobs.

“I’m hoping that it will actually work,” a homeowner said.

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