Good Samaritan finds $27K outside ATM, returns it to Michigan credit union

Honesty was the best policy for a Michigan man who found $27,000 on a road outside an ATM and returned it to the credit union.

"It's not mine and any honest person, I would hope, would take it back in," George Condash told WDIV.

An armored security guard left the cash outside an ATM at a Westland Federal Credit Union location, the television station reported. Surveillance video shows a plastic box in the road, and Condash stopping his vehicle to see what was left on the side of the ATM drive-thru, WDIV reported.

“I drove right around here and it was sitting about right here,” Condash told the television station. “Well first, I just thought it was trash. For some reason it hit me that, ‘Why don’t I just pick this up so no one else has to swerve around it?'"

Condash realized the bag was not filled with trash.

"I picked it up and noticed a tag that said it was $40,000," Condash told WDIV. "I said, 'Is there a reward for $40,000?' And I put it on their counter and they just looked dumbfounded."

It turns out there was $27,000 inside the bag, but the credit union employees were grateful to get the cash back. Credit union officials gave Condash a small token of appreciation for his honesty, the television station reported.

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