Group of costumed ‘furries’ stop assault, sit on woman’s attacker until police arrive

A group of costumed FurCon attendees pulled a woman’s attacker off and sat on the man to restrain him until police arrived.

The costumed “furries” celebrate anthropomorphic animals, fictitious characters with human traits, by dressing in fur costumes.

Kin Z. Shiratsuki was leaving Further Confusion, also known as FurCon an annual "furries" convention in San Jose, Friday when a car pulled up in front of a hotel and a woman started screaming as she was being hit repeatedly, KNTV reported.

"This guy was just walloping a lady. He had to have hit her 10 times," Shiratsuki told KNTV. "I've had my whole life, a bunch of taekwondo and karate. I was able to grab him by the back, pull him out of the vehicle and put him on the ground with as little violence as I could."

Steven Rodriguez, 26, a self-described "silent observer of furry culture" was outside the convention smoking when he heard the woman's shouts and ran over to help, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

The attacker was about to start hitting Rodriguez when five more people, still dressed in their furry outfits, came over and helped restrain Demetri Hardnett.

The costumed good Samaritans then sat on Hardnett, 22, until San Jose Police arrived, the Mercury News reported.

Hardnett was arrested and charged with domestic violence, KNTV reported.


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